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Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology book cover

Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology

CC BY-SA (Attribution ShareAlike)   English

Author(s): Courtney Boise

Subject(s): Psychology, Age groups: children, Age groups: adolescents, Child, developmental and lifespan psychology, Human growth and development

Institution(s): University of North Florida

Last updated: 16/05/2024

Learn about physical, cognitive, and social and emotional development from the prenatal to adolescent period. Textbook includes embedded short lectures and other videos to illustrate and expand upon content and aid in your learning about child and adolescent development.

Practice Management in Healthcare book cover

Practice Management in Healthcare

All Rights Reserved   English

Author(s): Shyam Paryani, MD, MHA

Subject(s): The Arts

Last updated: 14/05/2024

Foundations of Ambulatory Care Nursing book cover

Foundations of Ambulatory Care Nursing

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)  20 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Stacey Hobbick

Subject(s): Nursing specialties, Medicine and Nursing

Institution(s): University of North Florida

Last updated: 14/05/2024

Dive into the comprehensive realm of Ambulatory Care Nursing. Designed as a thorough resource, it covers the gamut from foundational principles and theories to advanced practices in this ever-evolving field. The textbook is an invaluable guide for nursing students, practicing nurses, and educators alike, providing insight into the crucial role that ambulatory care nurses play in today’s healthcare landscape.

Beginning with an introduction to Ambulatory Care Nursing, the book outlines its history, significance, and the distinct role of the ambulatory care nurse. It then segues into the core competencies required, highlighting the clinical skills and knowledge that are integral to this nursing specialty.

The textbook further delves into the key aspects of patient-centered care within ambulatory settings, focusing on communication skills, patient education, and health literacy. It elucidates on chronic disease management, preventive care, and wellness promotion, underlining the shift towards proactive healthcare.

A key feature of the book is its focus on multidisciplinary collaboration, quality improvement, and safety within ambulatory care. It emphasizes the importance of working together as a healthcare team and pursuing continuous improvement for the betterment of patient care.

Moreover, the textbook brings to the forefront the role of informatics in ambulatory care, acknowledging the influence of technology on modern healthcare. From telehealth to remote patient monitoring, it provides a comprehensive look at the digital revolution in ambulatory care nursing.

In addition, the book delves into broader topics such as policy, legal aspects, population health, care coordination, and self-care for nurses, providing a well-rounded understanding of the ambulatory care nursing landscape.

The text is filled with practical examples and real-world applications that allow readers to apply the knowledge they gain. Engaging case studies provide opportunities for active learning and critical thinking, encouraging readers to apply theory to practice.

In summary, this textbook serves as a one-stop resource for those seeking a comprehensive, practical, and current understanding of Ambulatory Care Nursing. Whether you’re a nursing student seeking foundational knowledge, a practicing nurse pursuing specialization, or an educator preparing coursework, this book promises to be an indispensable asset in your professional journey.

ChatGPT in Higher Education book cover

ChatGPT in Higher Education

CC BY (Attribution)  35 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Rob Rose

Subject(s): Education

Institution(s): University of North Florida

Last updated: 14/05/2024

ChatGPT in Higher Education explores the positive integration of AI in academia and the ways that it might enhance pedagogy, research, and professional development.
Business Analytics book cover

Business Analytics

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)   English

Author(s): Di Shang

Subject(s): Data science and analysis: general

Institution(s): University of North Florida

Last updated: 14/05/2024

Textbook tailored for students enrolled in the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at the University of North Florida. It encompasses topics such as data visualization, linear regression, logistic regression, cluster analysis, machine learning, and deep learning.